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Dr Nick Brooks loads a powder sample into an x-ray capillary tube in a laboratory at Imperial College in London, May 28, 2010. Across the western world, Big Pharma is cutting back on the number of scientists it employs in its labs and the money it spends on research and development. The hunt for new drugs continues, but the men and women in white coats - traditionally viewed as the lifeblood of the industry - are not as untouchable as they once were. Tucked neatly behind London's famous Science Museum, which pays homage to the groundbreaking advances that made modern medicine what it is, the chemistry labs at Imperial College offer one last refuge from the realities of the marketplace. Picture taken May 28, 2010. To match Special Report PHARMACEUTICALS/   REUTERS/Paul Hackett/Files (BRITAIN - Tags: SOCIETY SCI TECH HEALTH EMPLOYMENT BUSINESS) - RTR2F8J0
В настоящее время элементы носят временные названия: унунтрий (Uut или элемент 113), унунпентий (Uup или элемент 115), унунсептий (Uus или элемент 117) и унуноктий (Uuo или элемент 118). Позднее команды, открывшие элементы, дадут им официальные наименования. Так, унунтрий станет первым элементом, получившим свое имя в Азии. 

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